Lifelong Packers fan Rob Sax works at a design agency in Madison by day. By night, he is an entreprenurial genius. Sax put together a web site where he sells black No. 4 arm bands for $5. He started selling the bands a few months ago when the Favre un-retirement speculation began. And now, with Favre signing with the Vikings, business figures to pick up. We wrote a short article on Sax back in May; a few minutes ago, he was kind enough to offer his reaction to today's news via e-mail:

Three immediate things crossed my mind:

1. I'm shocked.

2. No wait, I'm not shocked at all.

3. November 1st at Lambeau is going to be absolutely biblical.

It's funny, the armband really did symbolize sadness for me. But now, after all this, I think the "dead to me" is becoming more and more appropriate. Game on!

Indeed. Sax seems to be taking this better than we expected -- and better than some other Packers fans we know.