Oy, what a contest

The fifth annual Man-O-Manischewitz Cook-Off is seeking family-friendly recipes that use the new Manischewitz All-Natural broths. The contest encourages home chefs to think about preparing traditional Jewish foods in the same way people enjoy preparing Japanese, Italian, Mexican, Chinese and other ethnic cuisines. Finalists will compete in New York City for the $25,000 grand prize. Legendary chef Jacques Pépin will be head judge. Deadline is Dec. 31. For complete contest details, visit www.manischewitz.com.

Win free groceries

Adding on to knowing where your food comes from, the Midwest Dairy Association wants people to learn about the "who," as well. It's sponsoring Farmers Feed US, a series of videos about what life on the farm is like for nine Minnesota farmers, including two dairy farmers. Plus, you can learn fascinating facts such as: There are 350 squirts in a gallon of milk. While you're at the website, www.FarmersFeedUS.org, you can register to win free groceries for a year. The sweepstakes goes through Nov. 6.

Bulk up

Wondering how to spend your Saturday? One option: Celebrate National Bulk Foods Day. The Bulk Is Green Council, or BIG, suggests creating a homemade trail mix with the kids by using a combo of dried fruit and nuts from the bulk-foods aisle. Or maybe turn the stereotype of "bulk" on its head by buying only the exact amount of baking ingredients needed for your favorite cookie recipe and inviting friends to help bake. Or watch a couple of YouTube videos by the Bulk Is Green folks at www.bulkisgreen.org. How to spend your Sunday? You're on your own there.

Holy Land expands

The Holy Land Grocery & Deli in the Midtown Global Market expands by 800 square feet with new olive, salad and juice bars. Owner Majdi Wadi's new olive bar features more than 50 varieties, including some from Palestine, Jordan, Sicily, Greece and Cyprus. At the salad bar, you can choose your fixings that a Holy Land staff member will toss, or create your own juice at the juice bar. The market is at 920 E. Lake St. in Minneapolis. To see more, visit www.holylandbrand.com.

Linden Hills Co-op event

The new Linden Hills Co-op opens grandly Saturday morning with free workshops led by local foodies, deep discounts, $4,000 in prizes and food samples galore. Events begin at 10:30 at 3815 Sunnyside Av. in Minneapolis.

Choose the right glassware

Georg Riedel, the man behind Riedel glassware, will be part of a wine tasting on Oct. 22 (Friday) from 6 to 9:30 p.m. at Kitchen Window, Calhoun Square, 3001 Hennepin Av., Minneapolis. Cost is $85 and includes a free Vinum XL tasting set ($123 value). The evening includes a tasting of fine wines in Riedel glasses, and is followed by a private shopping event on additional wine sets. Register at kitchenwindow.com; 612-824-4417.