When starting a charity foundation for a business, what are some important factors to be considered and questions to be asked to ensure a successful launch?

Sam Bruce

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I'm delighted that you wish to be of service to your fellow citizens. At this early stage, however, you might wish to reconsider whether a foundation is the best legal vehicle to accomplish your goals.

Take some time to formulate a vision of an alternative future that reflects your contribution to societal or planetary improvement. What would a world with conservation projects in adventure destinations look like? Who benefits and how? Then create a mission statement that conveys how your organization will help to make that vision a reality. Now you are ready to explore the relative benefits of a foundation compared to other possible means of supporting your goals. Here are three alternatives to consider.

Foundation — Minnesota is the land of foundations, and corporate foundations are consistently the largest grantmakers in the state. As a foundation, you will need to register with the attorney general's office as a charitable trust, whereby you would be subject to stringent governance, reporting and giving regulations. You will also want to consult with staff at the Minnesota Council on Foundations (

Corporate donor — You may find that the much simpler vehicle of donating pretax profits to designated causes will meet your charitable goals while maintaining maximum flexibility. Consult with your accountant and/or attorney regarding restrictions.

Public benefit corporation — Recent legislation in Minnesota and several other states enables incorporation or reincorporation as a public benefit corporation, whereby directors of a profit-making entity are empowered to consider nonfinancial benefits accruing to other stakeholders. Some Minnesota businesses have already chosen this organizational form. Again, consult with your attorney regarding this alternative.

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Charles M. Gray, professor of business economics and interim director of the Center for Nonprofit Management.