Here are my 2010 Outdoor New Year's Resolutions.  In the new year I resolve to…


Introduce a kid to the joys of turkey hunting.


Quit whining about the lack of ducks in Minnesota.


Take that pheasant hunting trip even if the weather looks iffy.


Do less gardening and more fishing on the St. Croix.


Plant an apple tree to replace the aging Haralson left by an earlier caretaker of this farm.


Learn to do more than the "yelp" on my turkey box call.


Become a subject matter expert on the duck food known as fresh water shrimp.


Know the rules of every hunting and fishing season before they start.


Obey those rules even when no one is watching.


Thank land owners more for the privilege of hunting on their property.


Learn to identify birds of prey and shore birds and pass that knowledge along.


Talk to more X-Box addicts about the high def joys of the out of doors.


Take my camera with me every time I go outdoors.

Train Doc at least 10 minutes every day. 

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