November 2008 The city pays $367,000 to settle legal claims brought by Paula Ybarra, who was attacked by dogs that the city had declared dangerous but never confiscated.

November 2007 In the city's largest payout for a suit involving the Police Department, Minneapolis police officer Duy Ngo is awarded $4.5 million for injuries suffered in an undercover operation in which he was shot six times by a fellow police officer.

March 2005 The city approves a $355,775 settlement for police brutality brought by Rayma Wiggins and her daughter Gayna Wiggins, who were hurt by a Minneapolis police officer after a traffic stop.

June 2004 The City Council agrees to pay $995,000 to Michael Polley, who lost his colon and part of his small intestine after being beaten by police responding to a domestic dispute at his south Minneapolis home.

April 2001 A 16-year-old car-theft suspect is awarded $330,000 after suffering facial injuries, including a broken nose, when he was beaten by four Minneapolis police officers after he surrendered.

August 2000 The family of Brian Feist is awarded $500,000 after he is killed when his limousine is struck by a stolen car being chased by Minneapolis police the wrong way on Interstate 94.

Source: Star Tribune archive