As summer approaches the water temperatures warm and many Minnsota lakes start to develop a wider range of fishable locations.  Many midlake structures starts to hold fish as well as basin areas.  Fish tend to be on the edges of flats, rock reefs, and suspended in the basin adjacent to spawning areas..  When water temps reach the 60's fish will start schooling up in these areas and large post-spawn females will start actively feeding.

Many Walleyes tend to develop a deep water pattern chasing Cisco&Shad after recuperating from spawning.  These deep water patterns are where my favorite techniques develop.  I start roaming the basin areas targeting the suspended fish, the ones that you find tight to the bottom are not always actively feeding.  Once I have targeted my suspended fish and their depths I go to work.

My technique of choice is to run a #8 shad rap, blue or silver in color, on 12lb fire line with 3 colors of led core and a 12ft leader of flourocarbon.  I use a 7ft medium action rod with a good line counter reel.  I like to run planer boards using a zig zag trolling approach at 2-3mph.  Running lead core gives me an opportunity to use a wider variety of lures, without lead core you can try using snap weights or pulling a Rapala such as a DT11 or a deep Reef Runner to acheive these same depths.

This summer don't be afraid to head out to the basin areas, put the trolling rods in the rod holders and sit back and relax, you'll be glad you did.

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