With the fishing season approaching are you ready to go?  Are you planning to fish more or repeat the saying "I'll fish more next year" and next year never comes?  Well here's how I do it and fish over 120 days a year.  
First get your gear ready.  We won't start into all the details, just what to consider.  If you're planning to fish at ice out, whether on the trout streams, crappies, suckers, or when the walleye, pike, bass and muskie seasons approach, make a checklist the rods, reels, tackle, waders, whatever you will need.  Double check it and start now.  
If you're going to be using your boat, start now.  Check the motor, replace the spark plugs, is the prop good (I have two needing repairs) and any thing needing replacement or maintenance.  Clean it out, organize your gear so it's easy and keeps the fishing time to fishing, not fixing things or looking for it.  If you don't have a good pair of polarized sunglasses, find some and put them in your boat.  I know I am getting another pair. 
If you want to change your routine and break the "I'll fish more next year" trend, then think about a regular date fishing with the buddies, your spouse, kids, whoever will help get you outside and enjoying your summer and fishing more.  If it's tough and too easy to avoid getting out regularly, and you just keep talking yourself into getting one more thing done, then make it a little more structured by joining a club or league fishing at the level of competition you want to fish at.  If you join a club or league, you're sure to meet others that love to fish, have fun doing it, make friends, and learn more so you catch more fish, each and every time out.  It's a great deal, I do it every year now.   
There are lots of organized fishing opportunities out there.  Search online and you'll find many.  For example if you like to bass fish there are bass clubs ranging all the way from just showing and fishing, and others competing for the chance to fish a state, then regional and national championship tournaments.  Some good spots to look online are:  MN BASS Federation, www.mnbfn.org and fishing leagues at www.multispecies.com and many more online. 
There are clubs fishing for bass only, walleyes only, big fish, multispecies, most anything you want, OR start your own.  You'll find clubs in all styles, like alone in a boat, some where you can fish as boater - non boater, or teams.  Pick the one that works best for you.  If you need help finding a club, contact me and send what you are looking for, I'll try to find some near you to check out. 
If you plan now for the fishing season it'll make things smoothly and be much more enjoyable.  That's how it should be.  
Good fishing.  
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