Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle, known as a moderate Democrat, made his budget proposal Tuesday in the face of a $5.7 billion budget deficit.

His plan calls for a mix of budget cuts, federal stimulus dollars and -- here's where Minnesotans might take special note -- $1.4 billion in tax increases.

The tax increases include: $540 million from oil company profits; $318 million by creating a new 7.75 percent tax rate for the richest 1 percent of taxpayers; $290 million in higher taxes on cigarette smokers; $215 million in higher corporate income taxes; and more than $85 million paid on capital gains.

His income tax hike from 6.75 to 7.75 targets couples with taxable incomes of $300,000 or more and singles who earn more than $225,000. Doyle said sustaining health care coverage for those covered by state programs was a priority, and he would expand the state's BadgerCare Plus program to 41,000 childless adults who currently lack coverage.

So what do you think, Minnesotans? Feeling border envy, or are you happy with Gov. Tim Pawlenty's approach to Minnesota's budget woes?