University of Minnesota Institutional Support (Costs of Administration)

  2005 2007 2010
Compensation and
$96.5 M $118.3 M $172.9 M
Supplies and
$12.4 M $31.0 M $61.4 M





$108.9 M



$149.3 M



$234.3 M




see p. 26 and p. 61 of the 2005 annual financial statement at; see p. 19 and p. 62 of the 2007 annual financial statement at ; see p. 12 and p. 73 of the 2010 annual financial statement at
Mr. Michael McNabb's series on the Corporate University has received wide attention within and without the University of Minnesota.  Visitors from universities outside Minnesota - especially Penn State and even from overseas - have been frequent.
Some revisions of the series have occured over time, such as the table above.  For links as well as other material these posts should be consulted.  
They are: 


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