Some say young men spend too much time playing video games, and if they watch news at all it's "The Daily Show," which is hardly a straight work of journalism. This won't help with that:

Olivia Munn will be trying out as a "Daily Show" correspondent, beginning with Thursday night's (June 3) show.


The fanboy-friendly "Attack of the Show" co-host will serve as a correspondent in the episode of the Comedy Central series, plus likely tape a few other segments over the next couple of weeks.

By “fanboy friendly” they mean “beautiful woman who knows something about games and computers, and hence is a fantasy object 3% more approachable than most of the other women encountered in pixel, photographic, video, or even human form.” If she would wear the Princess Leia bikini and wear glasses on the Daily Show while whipping Jar-Jar with an ethernet cable, nerd-heads would detonate the world over.

Should this leads to more work outside of the core geek audience, you can say goodbye to the “gamer / nerd” persona, because they’re just the dorks who drove her to the prom.

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