This whole Seantrel Henderson saga keeps going.

While Henderson appears set (finally) for his college career (for now ...) Ohio State on Monday admitted to four secondary violations during the recruitment process for the former Cretin-Derham Hall offensive lineman.

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

The Buckeyes' chase of the highly-rated recruit led to the school reporting four secondary NCAA violations, most of which had nothing to do with the OSU coaching staff.

Henderson signed with USC before getting out of that commitment and landing at Miami.

"When you have a kid that high-profile, the chances of those types of things popping up are much greater," said Chris Rogers, Ohio State's assistant athletic director for compliance. "It's not like it's something that's limited to Ohio State. It happens all the time."

Here are the four Henderson violations reported by Ohio State, according to a public records request from The Plain Dealer:
• Former Ohio State cornerback Malcolm Jenkins, now with New Orleans Saints, encouraged Henderson to attend Ohio State when asked a question during Super Bowl media day. A video of the request appeared on a Web site. Former players can't recruit for their old school.
• Current quarterback Terrelle Pryor sent a text message to Henderson telling him to attend Ohio State, as reported in a New York Times story. A Notre Dame player was reported to have done the same thing and Notre Dame filed a similar violation report. Current players can't recruit for a school that way.
• In an online video, Henderson is seen talking to former OSU receiver Cris Carter during his official visit to Columbus. Again, former players can't recruit. Another school turned in Ohio State for this incident after viewing the video.
• Henderson and several other recruits walked through the tunnel of fans that line the path from Ohio State's pep rally at St. John Arena to Ohio Stadium. The recruits didn't walk with the team, but around the same time, and that was determined to be a secondary violation.

Also - don't forget that the Gophers self-reported a violation during the Henderson Sweepstakes recruiting process, too.

While some of this stuff seems absurd and ticky-tacky, why does it keep happening? People know the rules. Uh, right?