Bill Musgrave is a stickler for efficiency. So the preseason creed has been straightforward: If every guy on the field performs ordinary tasks extraordinarily well, points will pile up.

Musgrave also wants his Vikings offense to be diverse and unpredictable. And while that's a noble goal, the 44-year-old coordinator also will have to resist the temptation to overthink things. In other words, keeping defenses off-balance with creative and diverse play calling is one thing. Forgetting you have Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin at key moments is another.

This year's Vikings seem stocked with playmakers -- from Peterson and Harvin to receiver Jerome Simpson and tight end Kyle Rudolph. Keeping all of those players active and happy will be a challenge. Finding ways to heighten the confidence of quarterback Christian Ponder also will be a Musgrave must in the early season.