Kevin Barnes, center, and members of Of Montreal at First Ave in Minneapolis Tuesday night.

The lyrics were often downbeat, touching on self-loathing, suicide and depression, but the music was mostly rippingly upbeat as Of Montreal played the mainroom at First Ave. Tuesday night. The Georgia-based trippy rockers, fronted by Kevin Barnes, played four songs from their newest CD, "Paralytic Stalks," released earlier this year. The rest of the 14-song set was drawn from earlier releases, includine "Hissing Fauna," "Satanic Twins" and "Skeletal Lamping."

The eight-piece band included violinist Kishi Bashi, who also played earlier in the evening with his own group, and multi-instrumentalist Zach Caldwell. Barnes, who wore a turquoise tux jacket, white jeans and an asymmetrical haircut, sang, danced and played guitar and keyboards. His comments to the enthusiastic audience were minimal, but stage antics included balloon-dispensing ninjas, human video screens and a long-armed white creature that resembled a cross between the chicken lady and a mutant angel. The young throng sang along to the prolific band's songs and later crowd-surfed a cape-wearing superhero from the lip of the stage all the way to the club's back balcony.

Swedish singer/songwriter/instrumentalist Loney Dear warmed up with a 30-minute set that included "Want" and other songs from his most recent CD, "Hall Music." It was a well-intentioned outing that got buried in the big room and lacked the rich instrumentation that augments his plaintive tunes on record.

Get out your dictionaries, because here's the set list for Of Montreal's Tuesday night gig at the First Ave mainroom:

Gelid Ascent

Spiteful Intervention

Requieum for an O.M.M.2

Forecast Fascist Future

St. Exquisite's Confession

Famine Affair

You Do Mutilate?

Dour Percentage

We Will Commit Wolf Murder

She's a Rejector

No Conclusion

Non Pareil of Favor



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