LED billboards along the freeway are blamed for many things; light pollution, driver distraction and less-than-green operating costs. However I like the message on this one:



From a quick internet search of the goings-on between the city of Minnetonka and Clear Channel who owns most of the LED billboards in this country I sense there's maybe more than meets the eye about this public service announcement. Long pages of legalese about bans, injunctions, studies, surveys and moratoriums combined with the words "power off", make me think that perhaps the city of Minnetonka decided to join rather than fight. 

I wasn't living here according to the dates involved with these legal to and fros, otherwise I might know more of the details. I just know that given the fact that these customizable billboards are now a given, you might as well send the message without shooting out the messenger.

No matter, it's a great bulletin for gardeners and homeowners electronically sandwiched there between the ads for cars and beer, health care and horse racing. Piggybacking upon the solid science-based garden and nature information that the city of Minnetonka provides in their Minnetonka Memo, this is a worthwhile communique for commuters.

Butterflies are better adapted for pollinating the native plants that have evolved along with them; nature's survival strategies that benefit plant and animal. For some, like the Monarch, they depend upon only native milkweeds for feeding their larvae when eggs hatch.

You can read more about this fascinating topic of pollinators and plants on my garden blog, The Garden Buzz, as well as my article in Herb Companion magazine this month.

 And here's a butterfly tip from Garden2Blog...




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