As Joe Christensen just noted, the Twins are employing the brilliant strategy of trying to freeze Ubaldo Jimenez. If they can make the top of the first inning last a couple of hours, there's no way Jiminez will stay sharp.

By the way, one of the many baseball traditions that repeatedly reveals itself as stupid is the act of a baserunner, on a throw toward home, advancing halfway to the next base, to force the defense to cut off the throw.

Stupid, stupid, stupid. Here the Rockies have Francisco Liriano on the ropes, maybe with a chance to knock him out of the game in the first inning, and Miguel Olivo, a very slow runner, allows himself to get caught between second and third for an easy out.

As I said: Stupid, stupid, stupid.

So when Liriano strikes out Clint Barmes with the bases loaded, the inning ends, instead of Liriano being forced to face the wonderful young hitter named Carlos Gonzalez.


-A Twins employee pointed out something interesting to me before the game. Not only does former Army brat Ron Gardenhire stand on the field with his hat over his heart during the National Anthem, he asks the players who are on the field to stand thusly until the color guard leaves the field. Kinda cool.

-Update on my 1500ESPN stint on Friday: I'll start at 8:30 a.m. and stay on until noon.

-On the notion of the Twins trading for Cliff Lee: I usually hate those kind of prospects-for-a-rental-player deals, because Lee will definitely become a free agent at the end of the year.

But if the Twins sense that this is their year of opportunity, and if they aren't as high on Wilson Ramos as the rest of us, and if they are confident they can make good use of the draft picks they would get when Lee leaves, then it's something they have to consider.

I like the idea of Ramos splitting catching duties with Mauer, so Mauer can be in the lineup every day. I still like the idea of Mauer becoming a third baseman. But if the Twins are married to Mauer being their catcher long-term, maybe Ramos is the right chip to use.



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