By Kevin Diaz, Washington correspondent

President Obama is heading back to Minnesota, wearing his commander-in-chief hat instead of  his campaign hat.

The White House announced Wednesday morning that Obama will come to Minneapolis on Aug. 30 to address members of the American Legion, who will be holding their 93rd national convention in  the city.

No other details were released, but will be as the event gets closer, the White House reported. 

Although Obama is speaking in his official role as president, the 2012 campaign is already in full swing, so his speech is likely to be viewed, at least in part, through a political prism.

His other, releatively frequent, visits to the state have been as a candidate or campaign surrogate, dating back to his first visit in 2006, when he headlined a rally in Rochester for Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Rep. Tim Walz.

His most notable appearance came on the night he clinched the Democratic nomination in 2008, when he filled the Xcel Center and surrounding streets of downtown St. Paul with thousands of supporters.

Most recently, he dropped in during the waning days of the 2010 campaign, when he held a packed rally at the University of Minnesota for Mark Dayton, who was locked in an exceptionally tight race.

UPDATE: The American Legion put out a statement later Wednesday that said, in part: 


"It is always an honor to welcome the commander-in-chief at our national convention, but it is more meaningful than ever this year, as we look back on recent progress regarding the compassionate care of our nation's wounded warriors, veterans, and the families who care for them, and as we look forward to challenges and opportunities alike for the Department of Veterans Affairs."  
"The nation's largest organization of wartime veterans is deeply interested in the administration's vision for the future of our economy, our national security and VA. We are all in this together."
More than 10,000 Legionnaires and others will be in Minneapolis for the 93rd National Convention. The city was the site of the first American Legion National Convention in 1919.


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