NUPTUALS Tweet per @Samantha_Steele: "Twitter is so tricky. Who knew that 'she's pregnant' & 'they'll be divorced soon' are just the 2012 version of 'congrats'! Thx guys! :)"

WIN SHARES If you loved the blog "Fire Joe Morgan," you'll want to read a multi-part interview with its talented authors over at

AN APOLOGY ESPN's Rob Parker tweeted (@RobParkerESPN) a long apology to for comments he made about QB Robert Griffin III last week on First Take.

Adrian Peterson's two best years in terms of yards per carry -- 2007 and 2012 -- have come when opponents rarely had to worry about the Vikings throwing the ball. This leads us to a weird theory, as noted on RandBall: Does Peterson actually does better against defenses stacked against because once he gets by the initial wave of an eight- or nine-man front, he has fewer defenders to beat to go the distance? Other web highlights: