Just like with food, the best gardening advice is local and homegrown. And now Northern Gardener magazine has made that even better with a new digital edition of the popular gardening magazine.



That also means you'll be able to read my column "Pushing the Zone" online. In this column I discuss the changing climate and what it means for northern gardeners; plants and people going beyond the usual boundaries of the USDA Hardiness Zone map.

It's exciting to see the magazine in digital format without forgoing the print version so many love.

Here's the announcement:

"MSHS is pleased to announce the publication of the first Digital Edition of Northern Gardener, January/February 2013. It can be viewed on both a regular computer and on tablet/iPad devices. The digital magazine will be an added benefit for MSHS members and subscribers to Northern Gardener, but for the first three issues of the year, access will be open to everyone".

Check out the digital edition at http://digital.northerngardener.org


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