JAN. 1

Fire. Deputies and the fire department responded to a home on the 14000 block of Makah Street NW. regarding an attached garage fire. The smoldering fire, set off by firecrackers, was extinguished.

JAN. 8

Theft. A snowblower was stolen from a home on the 15700 block Xenia Street NW. It had been left at the side of house.


DEC. 21

Drunken driving. A motorist called 911 to report she was lost. Officers found the vehicle and arrested the East Bethel woman on suspicion of drunken driving on the 12500 block of University Avenue NE.

DEC. 22

Property damage. Someone cut branches off a pine tree in the front yard on the 2100 block of Arnold Palmer Drive NE.

DEC. 28

Theft. A 1998 Pontiac Grand Am was stolen from a driveway on the 9600 block of East Sandpiper Drive NE. The vehicle, which had been left running, was recovered two days later.

DEC. 31

Theft. A snowblower left in a backyard was stolen from the 600 block of 117th Av. NE.


DEC. 29

Theft. A catalytic converter was stolen from a vehicle parked at Running Aces Harness Park, 15201 Zurich St. NE.


JAN. 3

Theft. A cement mixer and tools were stolen from a construction site on the 18400 block of Buchanan Street NE.

JAN. 7

Burglary. A television, guns and other items were stolen from a home on the 20300 block of Tyler Street NE. Entry was gained by kicking in the front door.


DEC. 29

Suspicious vehicle. A vehicle was reportedly moving slowly through the neighborhood at Ballet Boulevard NE. and Memory Lane NE. at 5:17 a.m. Officers found the vehicle and found the male driver was delivering the Saturday newspaper.

JAN. 3

Weapon. Officers responded to Unity Hospital, 550 Osborne Road, regarding a gunshot wound. A 27-year-old man was under the influence of controlled substances and accidentally shot himself in the foot, police said. The case was forwarded to the county attorney's office.

JAN. 8

Assist a family. Officers responded to Petco, 753 53rd Av. NE., regarding a report of a possible abduction. Officers spoke with a man whose son was upset and throwing a fit over not getting a pet at the store. No assistance was needed.


DEC. 26

Burglary. A 16-year-old boy was arrested for burglary at a home on the 5000 block of Wellington Avenue.

JAN. 3

Drugs. An 18-year-old Mounds View woman and a 21-year-old Blaine woman were cited for possession of marijuana in a motor vehicle at Quincy Street and Squire Lane.

Theft. A 1999 Honda Civic was stolen from an apartment parking lot on the 2000 block of Hillview Road.

JAN. 4

Drugs. Officers responded to DEALSmart, 2553 County Road 10, regarding a shoplifter. A 54-year-old Maplewood man was arrested for possession of a methamphetamine.

JAN. 5

Robbery. A 22-year-old Mounds View man was arrested for robbery at an apartment on the 7500 block of Greenfield Avenue.

JAN. 8

Burglary. Cash was stolen from a home on the 2600 block of Lake Court Circle.


JAN. 4

Burglary. Tools and chainsaws were stolen from a garage on the 1600 block of 196th Lane NW. Entry was gained through the doggie door.

Items are selected from reports made to police departments and are not meant to be a comprehensive picture of crime.