Minneapolis Public Schools reported  that no students or staff were injured by what it described as a "contained boiler explosion" at the upper campus of Lake Harriet Community School on Thursday.

The school of more than 700 students in southwest Minneapolis was evacuated at around 12:30 p.m. in temperatures near zero degrees. Students went to a fire station about a block away until responding firefighters cleared the building for re-entry.  The boiler has been repaired and plans are to dismiss students at the normal time, according to district spokeswoman Rachel Hicks.

She said that the evacuation occurred because the explosion released some smoke and steam, but she said it was her understanding that there was no actual fire.

The school at 4912 Vincent Av. S. was built in 1915 as Fulton School, but was renamed as part of the creationof a two-campus school in 2000.  It houses students in grade three through eight.