The Minnesota Republican Party has not yet set a date for the election of its new chair but election day is coming soon.

Former chair Tony Sutton suddenly resigned Friday. The party's central committee elected deputy chair Kelly Fenton Saturday to replace Michael Brodkorb, who resigned in October. Fenton immediately became deputy chair and interim chair.

Party spokeswoman Heather Rubash said Tuesday that the party's executive committee has had informal talks this week on setting a date for the chair's election but hadn't yet settled on a date. She said they would set a date by Friday, "at the latest."

The party's rules say the election should happen soon. From the party's constitution: "In the event of a vacancy in the office of state chair, the deputy chair shall carry out the duties of the chair until a new state chair is elected and the State Central Committee shall meet within thirty (30) days thereafter to elect a new state chair."

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