A Tiger at LynLake

If you drank yourself stupid on New Year's Eve, let me suggest a great chill-out spot for the weekend. One of the best new places to simply sit back and enjoy a cocktail and conversation is at the recently opened Tiger Sushi in Uptown. Yes, it's an offshoot of the Mall of America restaurant -- but without the shopping bags and kids yammering on their way to Nickelodeon Universe. This version is much bigger and has a full bar that overlooks the Midtown Greenway near LynLake. But the best seat in the house is along the giant sushi bar that snakes through the entire restaurant. The food menu has been expanded. The bar is expected to debut its cocktail list this week. General manager Matt Sutton said his mixologists are ready to wow customers. The restaurant already has a fun selection of sakes by the glass -- a half-dozen ranging in price from $7 to $18. They also have a rarity on tap: the famous Japanese beer, Sapporo. While Sutton said this Tiger Sushi is more of a food destination now, they'll be spicing up things in March when they introduce sake bombs (a shot of sake dropped into a glass of Sapporo).

2841 Lyndale Av. S., Mpls. 612-874-1800. www.tigersushiusa.com.

New Year's Eve

For most of us, New Year's Eve is a time to party and go nuts. For the Twin Cities' army of bartenders, bouncers, servers and bar backs it means one thing -- work. Once again, Myth will try to give our dear service industry folks a proper NYE, but two weeks later. The annual event is free (if you work in the industry) and will have a countdown, balloon drop and champagne toast. Cheers to you guys.

10 p.m. Jan. 18. 3090 Southlawn Dr., Maplewood. Free. 651-779-6984, www.mythnightclub.com.