Even though he crafted one of last year's biggest pop hits, Gigamesh tends to fly under the radar -- especially in his hometown. I get the feeling that this soft-spoken Waconia native doesn't mind.

Gigamesh (real name: Matt Masurka) is the remix artist behind Mike Posner's smash "Cooler Than Me." After dipping his toe in mainstream waters, the 28-year-old released his self-titled EP this month on his manager's indie label. The four-song album vibrates with glossy, disco-flavored productions that'll pound your chest. He's the love child of Daft Punk and Donna Summer.

Just days before Posner himself plays Minneapolis (Monday at the Cabooze), Gigamesh will celebrate his EP's release with a show Saturday at the Kitty Cat Klub. Earlier this week, the DJ (who now lives in Uptown) took my questions.

Q: How has life changed for you since the Posner remix?

A: I'm more busy and started working with a manager and booking agent, but mostly I'm just more focused. That song reaffirmed my conviction that music can be a lifelong career path for me.

Q: So did you buy a Bentley or something with all that Posner money?

A: This is one of those cases where talking to an entertainment lawyer can go a long way, because I haven't collected any royalties off the song.

Q: Dang, so no Bentley, huh?

A: If I did have the money, I'd be very tempted to get a collector's Impala or Crown Victoria, but I'd likely just buy a new hybrid.

Q: How would you describe the sound of the EP?

A: The easiest way to describe it might be modern synthesizer-based disco. Indie-electronic pop could also possibly work, but I'd rather have people come up with their own descriptions.

Q: When are you gonna go Hollywood on us and leave Minneapolis for good?

A: I could never see myself living in L.A. until recently, but after spending a couple weeks there I quickly got used to the idea, so time will tell. However, I want to stay close to friends and family, and I love Minneapolis, so I'll be here a while.