If you're wondering what the irrepressible Nick Nolte is up to, we have a press release that should answer your queries. It begins thus:

Former Hollywood bad boy Nick Nolte has had more than his fair share of negative publicity over the years. Who can forget his mad haired police mug-shot following his 2002 arrest on suspicion of drink driving?





So . . . this press release is about how he’s endorsed a line of shampoos, or joined forces with Jimmy Buffett to provide shirts for aging men who long to retire in the Keys and watch sunsets, but know they will end up an old man nodding over his mush as he stars out a suburban nursing home window at the crust of March snow? Maybe. We read on:

When blood tests revealed the presence of the date rape drug GHB, Nolte, who starred alongside Eddie Murphy in 48 Hours back in 1982, allegedly said, “I’ve been taking it for four years and I’ve never been raped yet.”  


Now though it seems the 69 year old has put his well publicised battles with drink and drugs firmly behind him – and he’s even managed to kick tobacco into touch after taking up a SmokeStik.


Nolte, voted the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ by People magazine in 1992, was given a SmokeStik, the world’s leading brand of electronic cigarette, six months ago and yesterday admitted it had helped him to quit the cigs.  

Ah. All is clear now. Don't feel sorry for Nick, though; this isn't the sign of a guttered career that has nothing left but endorsements. He's finished two movies this year, and has three more in various states of production. No "Tropic Thunder" sequel, but we can hope. 

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