2013 NFL draft

When: Thursday (first round, 7 p.m., 10 minutes per selection); Friday (second and third rounds, 5:30 p.m., seven minutes per selection); Saturday (fourth through seventh rounds, 11 a.m., five minutes per selection)

Where: Radio City Music Hall, New York. Last year, the first round lasted three hours; the second night's action lasted four hours; and the third day's draft seven hours.

TV: ESPN, ESPN2 and NFL Network

First-round order:

1. Kansas City; 2. Jacksonville; 3. Oakland; 4. Philadelphia; 5. Detroit; 6. Cleveland; 7. Arizona; 8. Buffalo; 9. N.Y. Jets; 10. Tennessee; 11. San Diego; 12 Miami; 13. N.Y. Jets (from Tampa Bay); 14. Carolina;

15. New Orleans; 16. St. Louis; 17. Pittsburgh; 18. Dallas;

19. N.Y. Giants; 20. Chicago; 21. Cincinnati; 22. St. Louis (from Washington);

23. Vikings; 24 Indianapolis; 25. Vikings (from Seattle);

26. Green Bay; 27. Houston; 28. Denver; 29. New England; 30. Atlanta; 31. San Francisco; 32. Baltimore.

Vikings choices (11):

First round, 23rd and 25th overall (from Seattle);

second round, 52nd;

third round, 83rd;

fourth round, 102nd (from Detroit), 120th;

fifth round, 155th;

sixth round, 189th;

seventh round, 213th (from Arizona), 214 (from Buffalo via Seattle), 229th.

Vikings draft party: Thursday, 5-10 p.m., Mall of America Field. General admission is $10.