MANKATO -- Fox's Jay Glazer posted an interesting story Monday about some of the behind-the-scenes happenings that occurred last week as Brett Favre again flip-flopped on whether he would play in 2010. Part of what Glazer wrote is that Favre is "tortured" in his decision.

Vikings kicker Ryan Longwell, who is Favre's good friend and essentially has become his spokesman, did not disagree with that assessment.  

“I would say so. I would say, like I said last week, deep down I think he really wants to play, loves the guys, loves the locker room,” Longwell said. “But if you can’t play and give it your all like you’re used to playing with injuries and stuff, then that kind of leaves you in a bind. You know, what do you do? I would say it's definitely weighed heavy."

Glazer goes into detail about how hard the Vikings worked both from a front office and player standpoint last Monday night to convince Favre that he did not have to retire the next day and that he needed to give it more time. The Vikings certainly are trying to make it worth Favre's while, offering $16 million guaranteed for 2010 and as much as $4 million in incentives that would be based on success in the playoffs.

But Favre continues to say his surgically repaired left ankle continues to give him problems. He is scheduled to see Dr. James Andrews this week for a check up. Andrews performed the surgery on Favre's ankle in late May.

Longwell said he thinks it will help that Favre will get a chance to have the ankle looked at but added, "If [Andrews] says it’s absolutely perfect and you wake up and everyday your foot hits the ground when you get out of bed it’s aching, then words don’t mean a lot at that point. I think [seeing the doctor] will be a factor. How big a factor? I'm not sure about that."

Vikings coach Brad Childress said Monday that he had texted with Favre but did not have an update. Longwell indicated Favre had wanted to make a decision in the last couple of weeks but that didn't happen because of the ankle. 

“Unfortunately, the injury just hasn’t allowed that," Longwell said. "I think he’d like to do it sooner than later, but at that same time wait as long as he can and see if he gets a little better."

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