Hello, and welcome to the fourth week of October, brought to you ahead of schedule because everyone’s just champing at the bit for sweaters and coats and nipped noses. Or chomping at the bit, if champing looks like a typo. Which it isn’t. So:

LANCE LAWSON Here’s this week’s installment of Minneapolis’ most famous snap-judgment police detective. At least I think he’s police. Maybe he’s just a guy who strolls into crime scenes for amusement and solves problems in three or four panels.



Solution at the bottom.

LESSON OF THE DAY Never do Parkour in a country with lax building codes. Twelve seconds that really needs a follow-up:



NERDI have to admit, I was excited to read that JJ Abrams has released a clip of the next Star Trek movie, “Into Darkness.” It’s been a while since we saw anything Trek related; will the ship look the same? (Confession:




Really. While the landing of the saucer section in “Generations” was pretty cool, did they have to trash the ship? Was anyone thinking “Hey, I hope Kirk dies and the Enterprise blows up” when they bought a ticket? One or the other, if done well. Both? ) (Yes, I know, it’s sad to have an opinion on these things.) Will they change the bridge? They rejiggered the look of the bridge between ST 1 and Khan, after all.


Anyway. Here’s the clip. Ready?




I don’t know about you, but I get a real dark, mysterious, exciting vibe from that. Glad he cut it off when he did; if it was three seconds, there would be spoilers galore.


TECH And what are bad people up to today? Why, cold-calling gullible people and telling them their computers are oozing with viruses.

When the call came yesterday morning, I assumed at first I was being trolled—it was just too perfect to be true. My phone showed only "Private Caller" and, when I answered out of curiosity, I was connected to "John," a young man with a clear Indian accent who said he was calling from "Windows Technical Support." My computer, he told me, had alerted him that it was infested with viruses. He wanted to show me the problem—then charge me to fix it.

Unfortunately for the miscreant, he called a tech blogger - who played dumb and went along.

SOLUTION: "Since there were no leaves on the trees in the picture Lance thought it was unlikely it had been taken in July. The suspect later confessed."

Or perhaps the trees were dead? The suspect probably tried that, and got a withering look. Really. All of them. You don't say. 

Have a grand weekend! See you here Monday.