Pictured below:   Casual shopping at the just opened shopping mall in Gaza, July 2010. Palestinina children swimming in Gaza’s  new Olympic sized pool, photo taken May 2010. No building materials in Gaza? A Shortage of water and  food? A Humanitarian Crisis?

The Obama Admin. has given hundreds of Millions of Dollars to Gaza this Year, most of which, likely is earmarked for military weaponry. Also EU governments, just days ago, pledged tens of millions of Euros to Gaza as well. Gaza today has a literacy rate of 91.9%, life expectancy of 72.23, and infant mortality of 17.71 per thousand births. The same statistics are much lower for Egypt and other Arab nations. By comparison, flotilla sponsor-Turkey, has a literacy rate of 88.7%, life expectancy of 72.23 and infant mortality of 24.84. Maybe Gaza should send a humanitarian “aid” flotilla to Turkey, or perhapsEgypt? 

But the real question we should be asking is why western governments are pouring boatloads of taxpayer money into Gaza, which obviously does not need it, amidst a worldwide economic crisis, while leaving millions of Africans starving and dying from famine and disease each year.   
 Also, why is the BBC, the New York Times and other western media giants deliberately misrepresenting the supposed “humanitarian” situation in Gaza, which obviously is not in crisis? There are not many new shopping malls opening in Darfur these days.



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