David Gregory may enjoy his stint on "Meet the Press," but he's not much for talking to the press.

The incoming replacement for the irreplaceable late Tim Russert, Gregory makes his debut on NBC's Sunday morning news show today at 9 a.m. locally on KARE 11.

I ran into Gregory while he was in St. Paul covering the 2008 RNC. He wasn't interested in my complaint about him being unnecessarily insensitive about Sen. Edward Kennedy's health during an interview with Sen. John Kerry in Denver at the DNC. More listening and a little less yapping that night in Denver and Gregory might have heard what Kennedy had to say about his intention to be around during Barack Obama's presidency. There was no need for Gregory to harp on Kerry to answer a question that was breathtaking in its callousness.

As you can see at startribune.com/video, Gregory ran like a man. I cannot imagine Russert ducking for cover like that. In fact, Russert gave me a few minutes of time once when he was leaving D.C.'s National Airport.

This little clip is a nugget for the NYT's Bill Carter, the Washington Post's Howard Kurtz and St. Petersburg Times' Eric Deggans to tuck into the backs of their minds should they ever pen a profile of Gregory.


Word has it that members of DragonForce bought a few items last week at the new Best Buy at the Mall of America. They apparently were in town a couple of days before Friday's performance at Myth nightclub.

Ready for big screen

When national sports radio show host Dan Patrick is working his other job, tonight's NBC's football coverage, he said he plans to work in a reference to the Vikings' Visanthe Shiancoe as "The Equipment Manager," www.deadspin.com reported.

Deadspin, www.sportsby- brooks.com and other websites have had items about how Shiancoe looks like a natural for the adult film industry -- after his NFL days are over, of course. I've been told that more of that industry than we might imagine is based in the Twin Cities.

Wrong, Wiki

The inaccurate information on www.wikipedia.com about Sandra Lee serves a useful purpose to the host of Food Network's "Semi-Homemade Cooking."

"I know where they got their information," she said of news sources who quote from that website. I learned my lesson when Lee was here in April, while fact-checking information about her mother that was on Wiki. Found out from Sandra's assistant that it was wrong.

"What they should be writing is that my word 'tablescapes' is going into the dictionary," Lee said Thursday when I ran into her at Fox 9, where she was doing a cooking demo to promote her book-signing event at the Mall of America.

David did it

This is embarrassing. I sent David Wallach a fact-checking e-mail asking if he was the creator of the photo illustration of his dad, Mike Wallach, and his paper-boy-cap-wearing doppelgänger from AC/DC, Brian Johnson. I gave David a compliment and he replied, "Thank you very much, I appreciate it."

Imagine his surprise, and mine, when we picked up the paper Thursday and saw the words "Star Tribune photo illustration." My apologies. Hope this fixes that, David.

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