New schoolheadquarters under construction

New schoolheadquarters under construction

The formal name of the headquarters for Minneapolis Public Schools is the John B. Davis Educational Service Center.

But it's widely known among district personnel and education congnoscemti as "807," after the sprawling former light bulb factory's address on NE Broadway St.

The district has occupied that 1914 building since buying it in 1930, but it's getting closer to moving 2-1/4 miles west from northeast Minneapolis into a $37 million North Side building  The move to 1250 Broadway.Av. W. is scheduled to begin in the summer, and will allow a consolidation of administrative offices in a building with lower energy use..

Despite the new address, the name won't change much.  The new building also will be named after Davis, the bow-tied native of Massachusetts who died in July at 89.  He led the district as superintendent from 1967 to 1975, most notably leading the district into busing for racial integration.

The resolution passed by the school board Tuesday to effect the change stated that the board was "recommending" the new name. That was evidently a drafting mistake. We asked board member Richard Mammen, who read the resolution for the audience, who had the power to name the building, if not the board. He promised that he'll proofread resolutions in the future.

Here's a bold prediction: The new building likely will become better known as "1250."