Administrators in the Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan district are proposing eight new classes at the secondary level for the next academic year. Dozens of other courses are being restructured, renamed or dropped, a process that happens each year.

For middle school students, there are three new electives: Music Technology, which will integrate science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) into music class, Introduction to Coding, a primer on computer coding basics, and Leadership, Critical Issues and Service, a class that extends the leadership focus in place at several elementary schools.

At the high school level, Eastview and Rosemount will offer ACT Prep, a class that will help juniors and seniors get ready to take the ACT test during the school day, since many students reported that their evenings are too busy.

Students at Eastview also expressed interest in an Indoor Soccer physical education class, so that course is proposed.

Rosemount students will soon be able to take Start Your Own Business B, one class in a sequence of business-oriented classes.

Finally, students at the School of Environmental studies can enroll in two new Advanced Placement (AP) classes: AP Research and AP Seminar. Both classes required the school to apply to offer them in a competitive process, according to district documents.

The school board will vote whether to approve the course revisions at the Dec. 14 board meeting.