Jim Carrey in a rare subdued momentThe Webbys, a means for nerds to get famous people to show up for an awards banquet - and we’ll say that right up to the moment when we win one - are out. Roger Ebert got Person of the Year; Jim Carry won for the best celebrity site. You have to admit, Carrey’s site is pretty good - although credit goes to  65 Media, not Carrey; don’t think he was up all night coding that monster. Don’t miss the little Twitter icon, so you can can catch up on his ongoing profundity:

THE #BOING APPLE! Ssss'beautiful!!! %^> about 15 hours ago via web
@HelenaEchelon #BOING it is! {B^> about 15 hours ago via web

Uh huh. It’s all about #boing, which I gather is a pet term for having bounce, or verve, to life. Apparently he went on a rant a few days about drugs and psychiatry the other day, how they negatively impact #boing. His next project: the long-awaited "Where's Waldo" movie. Hope it's not in IMAX, and consists of an enormous still image projected on the massive screen for two hours. If someone shouts out "He's down in the lower left-hand-corner" within 2 minutes, you're going to see some surly audiences. 

Lest you think it’s all celebrity worship, check out the total list of winners. You could lose a day just clicking on half the links. You will feel as if there’s a much smarter internet out there you’d missed, somehow. One where the grown-ups run things, and people can spell.

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