‘Master’ of his domain

The minor trials and tribulations of Aziz Ansari are in session on “Master of None,” the comedian’s mostly successful attempt to transform his stand-up act into a sitcom. The premiere, in which his character, Dev, mulls over the pros and cons of fatherhood, mines all too familiar territory, but the second episode, directed by Ansari, is a gem. Dev and an Asian-American buddy re-evaluate their fathers’ contributions over a hilarious Chinese dinner, a bit made all the more delicious by the casting of Ansari’s real-life parents, who are obviously thrilled to be spending quality time with their son. Producers include Michael Schur, who cast Ansari in “Parks and Recreation.” Streaming on netflix.com

New kids on the block

Those who missed the chance to dress up as a TV executive for Halloween get a second chance as Amazon again lets viewers evaluate pilots being considered for full seasons. The most promising of the batch: “Z,” an ode to Zelda Fitzgerald, with Christina Ricci putting her permanently curious eyes to grand use; “Eddie of the Realms Eternal,” the animated kids’ series in which a middle-schooler plays Harry Potter, and “One Mississippi,” the delightfully dry Tig Notaro vehicle co-written by former Minnesotan Diablo Cody. Streaming on amazon.com

Outside the lines

If you’re more interested in gossip than grand slams, stay up late for “TMZ Sports,” a weeknight roundup of breaking stories about athletes that go beyond the sports pages. The operation’s snark-driven website has been a major player in recent years, most notably in tracking the downfall of former L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling. 11 p.m. Mon.-Fri., except 11:30 p.m. Wed.; FS1

Bad service

“2 Broke Girls,” the car accident I can’t stop gawking at, returns for a fifth season with Sophie and Oleg considering parenthood and the diner facing destruction from outside forces. Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs are such likable stars that it’s a shame they spend each episode reciting canned jokes that didn’t get past the censors at the Bazooka gum factory. 8:30 p.m. Thursday, WCCO, Ch. 4

Neal Justin