A few rule changes for college football have been announced by the NCAA. Thought I’d take some time to share them with you. They include:

--No eyeblack with messages. Maybe they waited until Tim Tebow had moved on.
--No wedge blocks on kick returns. This comes one year after the NFL, concerned with safety, banned wedge blocking on kickoffs Under the new rule when the team receiving a kickoff has more than two players standing within two yards of one another, shoulder to shoulder, it will be assessed a 15-yard penalty, even if there is no contact between the teams. The idea is to reduce concussions.
--Starting in 2001 there will be a big cost to be paid for taunting. Right now a taunting penalty for a player on his way to the end zone draws a 15-yard penalty on the extra point,  two-point conversion attempt or on the ensuing kickoff. But, starting in 2011, it will become a live-ball penalty from the spot of the foul, eliminating the score. This would be called, say, if a player high-steps into the end zone or points the ball at the opponent.  Excessive celebration after a score would be penalized as in the past.

That’s about it. Have a good day.

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