Mavericks: Jordan who?

Dallas and the L.A. Clippers met Thursday night in a TNT game for the first time since last summer’s drama, when Clippers center DeAndre Jordan agreed to sign with the Mavericks and then changed his mind about the four-year, $80 million offer.

Jordan had six points, 15 rebounds and four blocked shots in the Clippers’ 104-88 victory on a night when Mavs fiery owner Mark Cuban said he likes his team now better anyway after it added Deron Williams, Wes Matthews and Zaza Pachulia instead.

He told reporters he doesn’t give a you-know-what about the Clippers and also said, “Look, the Clippers are the Clippers. You can change the owner, you can change the players, but the Clippers are who they’ve been for the past 30 years.”

KG, Kobe two dinosaurs

On the same night Kevin Garnett tied Kevin Willis and Robert Parrish as the only players to play 21 NBA seasons, Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant set a league record by becoming the first to play 20 seasons with the same franchise.

“It’s unbelievable, I don’t know if we’ll see that again,” said Lakers coach Byron Scott, whose final season as a player was Bryant’s rookie year. “You’re talking about two dinosaurs. These guys play because they love the game. They don’t play for money or anything else. They play because they love to compete. I don’t think you’ll see that again for a while. We won’t. Nobody in this room will.”

Trash talk welcomed

Lakers second-year forward Julius Randle’s rookie season ended with a broken leg on opening night a year ago, so Wednesday’s season opener against the Wolves was his first experience with Garnett and Garnett’s legendary trash talking.

“I like it, it gets me going,” Randle told reporters afterward. “It doesn’t scare me. … That’s what he does, tries to get into people’s heads. I’ve been watching him all my life, so I knew what to expect.”