I know we've been here before, but...

NBA owners and players are scheduled to meet in a small-group negotiating session -- about five people each side -- this afternoon in New York City with the ball on the half-yard line and the scoreboard clock ticking down.

They're set to start at noon Minneapolis time as that 4 p.m. ultimatum deadline -- as fake as it might be -- for the players to accept the owners' last offer made early Sunday morning looms.

The players' concession on Tuesday that they're finally willing to accept a 50/50 split IF the owners soften their stance on free-agent movement should have a deal within reach.

Will the owners throw the player enough morsels to finally get a deal?

The fact that they're meeting indicates the league might be willing to budge some, but how much or perhaps how little?

At some point, you'd expect common sense to rule, right?


Stay tuned.


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