MyPillow is headed to the Playboy Mansion with something that could provide the not-so-average octogenarian a softer landing than, say, a 20-something having second thoughts about May-December marriage.

The Carver-based pillow company is among those selected to provide products for the gift baskets being given out at this year's Grammys, Oscars and Espys. On July 13, the pre-Espy Awards party will be held at the Playboy Mansion.

"We got picked for all three," said Mike Lindell, creator and founder of the MyPillow company ( "We've come a long way." Lindell also just opened his first retail store in Burnsville Center.

The success follows seven years of Lindell rejecting other companies' interest in buying MyPillow -- years also spent fighting off imitators and competitors who have tried to ignore his patents and trademark. But it's been worth it.

"Do you realize we have the only patented pillow made 100 percent right here in Minnesota?" asked Lindell. Yes, I did.

What kind of MyPillow does Lindell have for an old geezer? That'd be Hugh Hefner, who's still trying to be into the 20-year-olds, when they don't escape?

Off the top of his laughing head, Lindell gave me the name of a product that would work, although I don't think it's fit for a family newspaper. But it's perfect for Twitter !

"I'll put in a pitch to Hefner for you," laughed Lindell.

No need -- I'm into younger men who are not 20 years old.

Ginny's parting humor

Lizz Winstead was named "HuffPost Greatest Person of the Day" last Friday for her tour to raise money for Planned Parenthood.

"WELL THIS IS AWESOME," Winstead wrote on Twitter about the recognition for raising almost $15,000 for the women's health organization.

I was caught off-guard by the part of the Huffington Post story that stated Winstead's mom, Ginny Winstead, had died. This non-regular reader of the obits missed the passing of the woman Winstead made famous, along with her late dad, Windy, when they were on "The Daily Show," which Lizz co-created.

When last we lunched, Winstead -- who's been in and out of the Twin Cities writing a book -- shared another funny exchange she had with her mom, a treasure trove of comedy who Lizz thought watched too much Fox News.

Winstead's mom wanted to know whether white people could get "Citro-cell Anemia," Lizz said. We guessed that would have to be a fusion of citronella and sickle cell anemia. Winstead said, "Yes, and John Boehner has it."

The speaker of the House was a favorite of Ginny Winstead, who also was a sure vote for "darling" presidential candidate Michele Bachmann.

Rest well, Mrs. Winstead.

Bullseye vs. Kim/Kris

Target's mascot dog Bullseye was observed being walked by a W Hotel staffer in downtown Minneapolis recently.

This "celebrity [sighting] of a different variety" made e-mailer Beth R. curious: "Is that a tattoo or something permanent?"

Puhleeze. Target wouldn't dare tattoo a dog's face with a red-and-white target, what with PETA looking for any reason to pounce. But I checked anyway.

"It is paint," said Target Corp. spokester Jessica Carlson. "Bullseye lives in Southern California on a ranch with some other animals. Lovely, lovely lifestyle."

The bull terrier was in Minneapolis for a private Target event.

Beth noted that while this was not "the best" celebrity sighting ever, it was "a nice change from the whole Kim Kash thing."

Why do some Minnesotans want me to ignore the multi-million-dollar nuptials and one of the biggest U.S. weddings of 2011, with a legitimate connection to this state: Homeboy Kris Humphries' wedding date with Kim Kardashian?

You cannot watch any of the multifarious gossip shows on TV without some mention of this wedding or a Kardashian. So, NO, I WILL NOT ignore this!

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