Candice Glover, "Music Speaks" (19/Interscope)

A big-voiced soul belter, Glover ended a lengthy stretch of "American Idol" victories by male guitar strummers — reason enough to celebrate her win. But she also has made a better record than the last few "Idol" champs, one that doesn't sound as though its quirks have been ironed out in an attempt to satisfy the show's once-enormous audience. There are signs of individual life here: the palpable regret in "Damn," about falling for "someone else's man"; the old-fashioned sass of "In the Middle"; the tension between desire and virtue in "Passenger." And, reprised from "Idol," there is Glover's powerful rendition of the Cure's "Lovesong."

Mikael wood, Los Angeles Times

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It's not surprising that Jon Langford, formerly of the politicized punks the Mekons and the alt-country Waco Brothers, is going political on "Drone Operator," a track from his April 1 release, "Here Be Monsters." It's a droning rocker in which he contemplates: What sort of warrior kills from the comfort of the office, and then what do they do afterward? Now streaming at

Jon Bream