Junior safety Samuel Thompson read a statement on behalf of the team on the school's football practice field.

"As a collective unit, we’ve all agreed that we will stick together and show our support in having Aaron Keen as the head football coach at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

"We’ve all become outstanding community members, students, and athletes, in the last year and a half since the removal of Todd Hoffner.

"Throughout this process, our voice has been silent, it is time our voice is heard.

"We want information, we want answers, because this is our team.

"As a unit we have decided not to practice, because of the change-up in the coaching situation.

"Again, we want Aaron Keen as the head coach.

"We will not be answering any questions at this time. Thank you."

This statement was provided to the Star Tribune by Reece Hemmesch, editor in chief of MSU Reporter