Adding to her repertoire as host of Minnesota Public Radio’s morning call-in show, the Talking Volumes book series, and a sex-themed podcast, Kerri Miller is about to launch a new national call-in radio show.

“Flyover” will air for 12 weeks on Sundays, beginning Sept. 10, at 3 p.m.

The MPR News show will have a special focus on America’s heartland, inviting journalists from radio stations outside the coastal media bubbles to discuss social, political and cultural topics in their regions, while taking calls and social media messages live from listeners around the country.

Miller tweeted about the show Tuesday.

“Flyover” is a spinoff of sorts of “Indivisible,” a national radio show that ran during President Donald Trump’s first 100 days, of which Miller hosted a weekly installment about American identity.

That show was “some of the most fulfilling journalism I’ve done in my whole career,” Miller said. “I learned that when a voice comes from someone who’s living an experience that’s totally genuine, and there’s no artifice in it, other people will listen to that voice. I am the conduit for that.”

Within a month of “Indivisible” ending, Miller and her team at MPR News were already hatching an idea to keep the conversation going.

Exactly where it will air is still not final, though Miller is aiming for states in the interior, like Colorado, Montana, Iowa and Arizona.

“New York and L.A., they get their say, and they’ve got the power of their size,” she said. “It’s all these people in between that made such a huge difference in the election that just don’t get heard.”

Though her team was in agreement about the show, there were some “raised eyebrows” about the title, which riffs on a disparaging nickname for the middle of the country. But Miller says it’s a chance to reclaim the term “flyover country.”

“Are we going to own our inferiority complex?” she said. “Yes.”