Snow. Plow. Sweep. Repeat.

Next up for Minneapolis is the spring rite of clearing winter grit from 1,100 miles of streets.

The whisking starts in earnest on Tuesday, the city announced Thursday. Some sweeping of downtown streets and parkways started this week, while alley sweeping began Monday.

Public works crews hope to have the job done in about four weeks.

Temporary "No Parking" signs will be posted at least 24 hours in advance to make sure streets are clear. The city will make about 3,500 automated phone calls each evening to help alert affected residents.

Motorists who do not heed the signs run the risk of being ticketed, towed and forced to visit the Minneapolis impound lot. Residents can visit to find out a few days ahead of time when the sweepers are coming their way.

The city says sweeping keeps leaves and debris from clogging storm drains and polluting lakes and rivers. Minneapolis streets are swept curb to curb in the spring and fall.

There's no word yet when St. Paul will begin sweeping its streets.