Charges of murder and attempted murder were filed Thursday against a man who allegedly shot and killed a woman and wounded another at point-blank range over the July 4th weekend in Minneapolis.

Marco Gresham, 24, of Minneapolis, shot a woman identified as V.G. in the abdomen early Saturday after he accused her of knowing about his alleged involvement in a St. Paul homicide in January, the charges said. She denied having such knowledge, but he pulled her close and shot her, according to the complaint.

That's when Francesca Desandre, 24, tried to run toward her house on the 2600 block of 3rd Street N. Gresham fired several shots at Desandre, who collapsed and died on the front steps of the house, the charges said.

On Friday, Desandre hosted a party at her house attended by several guests, including Gresham and V.G. The three, and others at the party, later went to several bars and nightclubs in downtown Minneapolis. The shootings happened after they returned to Desandre's house, the charges said.

A neighbor saw Gresham and several others get into a car and drive away after the shootings. Police found cartridge casings from the same gun in the area of the shootings, the charges said.

V.G. was taken to North Memorial Medical Center where doctors performed emergency surgery to repair "extensive internal damage." She is recovering from her injuries and expected to survive.

Gresham was arrested Tuesday at his mother's house in Minneapolis and is being held in lieu of $1 million bail on a charge of second-degree murder and a charge of attempted second-degree murder.

In a separate incident, Cabrie Young, 28, was shot to death early Saturday on the city's North Side. The violence triggered pleas from the police chief, the mayor and residents for the violence to end.