Brooklyn Castle (PG) The challenges faced and triumphs won by a junior high school chess team.

The Flat (not rated) A documentarian discovers truths about his family when he cleans out his grandparents' apartment.

Flight (R) An airline pilot (Denzel Washington) keeps a plane from crashing, but an investigation into the malfunction reveals something very troubling.

Janeane From Des Moines (not rated) A fictional Iowa housewife's conservative convictions are tested as she seeks answers from the presidential candidates in this faux documentary.

The Loneliest Planet (not rated) A guide takes a young couple on a backpacking trip through the Georgian wilderness.

The Man With the Iron Fists (R) A band of warriors goes on the hunt for a fabled treasure of gold.

The Sessions (R) A paralyzed man (John Hawkes) arranges for a sexual surrogate (Helen Hunt).

Wreck-it Ralph (PG) A video game villain who wants to be a hero wreaks havoc on the arcade.