Rumor on one of the national birding email lists is that the book of several years ago entltled "The Big Year" is to be made into a movie starring Steve Martin, Owen Wilson, and Jack Black. This was a North American Big Year, an attempt to see as many bird species as possible in NA in a calendar year. Seven-hundred is the accepted Grail for such quest. This is a fringe effort, even for serious birders. Almost any fringe effort should offer an interesting and/or intriguing story. I think of the book "The Orchid Thief" by Susan Orleans. It is a marvelous read about an eccentric in pursuit of rare orchids, not that much different from a big birding year. Susan Orleans, however, is a witty writer who knows how to tell a good story. The birding book did not have that benefit. If there is to be a movie, it's gonna be a farce.

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