Miley Cyrus is the mouse that roars. The former Disney Channel star is as provocative in conversation as she is in action. Here are some of the things she had to say in a conference call with journalists before the start of her Bangerz Tour, which arrives Monday at Xcel Energy Center.

On her goal for the tour: “I made my [‘Bangerz’] album to go on the road. That’s really what I love to do. Like everything I do, I don’t want it to be unoriginal or fake in any way. Also, I don’t have a hard time making fun of myself and making a character of myself. We’re definitely keeping it fun and carefree. For me, the best thing is to have people sing along to your songs. The show is very interactive for my fans.”

On the spontaneity of her show: “I’m obviously not real choreographed. So every show is going to be different. I really built the show around me and my ADD.”

On doing stunts and lip-syncing in concert: “Our show is completely live. So it’s hard to do stunts. I want people to be excited about me as a singer rather than what I do to shock people.”

On the look of the tour: “John K [Kricfalusi] did a lot of the illustrations for the tour. He does ‘Ren & Stimpy.’ I went out to dinner with John to talk about the tour, and I’ve never been so starstruck. He just sat there and drew pictures for two hours. The art from John K and Ben Jones is driving this tour.”

On her wardrobe: “There are so many stories in my tour and each designer has been given a story. Clothes for me — or the lack thereof — say a lot. The Blonds have been amazing. Jeremy Scott has been great. We’ve been inspired a lot by Bob Mackie and we’re using some of his archive pieces.”

On surprises for the tour: “Nothing in my life is ever secret. I’m a little bit of a hoarder. I’m giving a lot of junk away. When you go to a concert, confetti comes down from the sky and all the kids want to keep the confetti. I want to give them real things like real collector pieces.”

On ticket prices: “My thing has never been about making money. I want it to be worth seeing and I understand that my fans are young, especially, and they come with their parents. I already made the money when I was a kid and I’m putting that money into something I care about — my tour and making sure the fans get the best show they possibly can.”

On her free time: “I love to go out. I ride motorbikes sometimes when I’m in Nashville. On tour, I feel like I’m a little bit normal.”

On her tour bus: “This time I’m bringing a few friends on my bus. Me and my best friend call each other ‘Doll.’ So we’re going to make our bus look like a Barbie doll house. I have a feeling that it’ll make every dude puke. It’ll be pinked out.”