Any excuse to talk about the Randy Moss fake moon from Lambeau Field (where Daunte Culpepper and Aaron Rodgers have won an equal number of playoff games) is a good one, so look no further than this item from Yahoo's Shutdown Corner (h/t to reader Tim for the e-mail alert):


The upper echelons of the NFL are a small world, however, and with Randy Moss joining Fox as a commentator, it was inevitable that he and Joe Buck would end up crossing paths. Sunday night during the Colts-Giants game, Buck brought the issue squirming into the light.

"We good? You did your thing on the field, I did my thing in the booth," Buck said, opening the discussion.

"I played the game, you analyzed it, you said what you said, I did what I did, and we moved on," Moss replied, not unkindly. "How about that?"

How about that, indeed. A civil end to a "disgusting act."

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