Whether it's a sign that the two sides are finding some common ground or not...

Kurt Rambis went on Fox Sports Radio Network's "Petros and Money Show" on Tuesday and sounded conciliatory after his comments at Target Center on Friday, when he appeared annoyed about his uncertain future as coach.

He also seemed to hint at changes -- or perhaps a new system of play -- if he does return as coach.

Asked about those comments from last week, he said, "You know, I didn't handle that situation well. All I want to do is continue to work things out in a positive fashion and get back there and coach. I believe in the players. I believe in the organization. I want to see this challenge through and I want it to work out well for everybody."

When he was asked about Ricky Rubio, he said, "He does have terrific court vision, passing capabilities. They tell me he has grown an inch since last year, to the tune of 6-3, 6-4 right now, which makes him a good-sized guard in this league...He does a good job playing passing lanes and reading pick-and-roll situations well. But just to have a guard who can pass the basketball, get it up the floor, deal with pick-and-roll situations and move the ball on...those pass-first guards are valuable in the system I'd like to implement."

That "system I'd like to implement" line...hmmm, is that referring to a new one for the future and the system he already has put in during his first two seasons here?

There's no doubt David Kahn wants changes if Rambis returns as coach. Most likely those changes would include a simplified offense that relies less, or not at all, on elements of the triangle offense and an emphasis on defense, probably led by a top new assistant coach hired specifically to run that defense.


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