On May 26th, three apparent Black Vultures were reported from Grant County. While no further details are available, it is assumed that the location was about three miles east of County Road 11 along County Road 8. (The vultures we normally see here are Turkey Vultures, so called because the adults have red heads, like a turkey.)  

There was an interesting sighting of a Pacific Loon on May 28th on Leech Lake's Boy Bay in Cass County. It was seen by Andrew Birch from the Battle Point public access in Gould Township.

In Duluth, several Red-Throated Loons were on Lake Superior during the past week, seen mostly from the Park Point Recreation Area. A few Red Knots were found toward the end of Park Point on May 28th.

On May 28th, a Yellow-Breasted Chat was heard singing at Hyland Lake Park Reserve in Bloomington in Hennepin County. To view this bird, begin at the Bush Lake Beach parking lot, take the paved trail that goes east and south of the pond, and check about 50 yards beyond the trail stop sign. 

There was a big rush of  dozens of birders looking for the Yellow-breasted Chat that was seen at the Fens Unit of the MN River NWR in Burnsville, a couple of years ago, with the result that there was a lof ot habtit destruction. Please stay on the trails where possible, do not leave trash behind, and do not get too close to the birds, they may be nesting; too much human activity could result in them leaving the area.

Remember, introduce a family member, friend or or acquaintance to nature, birding, hiking, canoeing etc. Bring along lightweight rain gear, a guide book, notebook and pen, and  binoculars, spotting scope, and video or still camera for memories sake. Nature Photography is a great hobby.


God bless and enjoy our great outdoors,




Guide Book: I bought a copy of Reader's Digest's North American Wildlife; Plants & Animals, off the internet from Amazon for $12.00. Not great - but good.  

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