Do you like maps? Sure you do. Do you like information? Heck yeah!

Then you will really like this interactive map at Mode Analytics that breaks down where Division I men's college basketball players come from, by state. The relative quantity is shown by the coloring in the image above, but the real stuff you want is on this link, where the map becomes interactive.

Of greatest interest to us, being provincial, is how this state compares to others nearby with Big Ten teams.

And, well, it's a little disheartening.

There are currently 48 Minnesotans playing D-I men's hoops right now.

Wisconsin, with a comparable though slightly higher college-aged male population, has 73.

Iowa, with nearly 100,000 fewer college-aged males, has 53.

You'll notice Minnesota is a lighter shade than a lot of important nearby states: Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.

Perhaps part of the reason is there is only one Division I men's college basketball program in the state, while others have multiple schools. Perhaps part of the reason is that hockey is huge here, and good athletes choose that sport whereas they wouldn't as much in, say, Illinois.

Or maybe Minnesota just doesn't have as many good basketball players, per capita, as a lot of states and schools they compete against in the Big Ten.

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