Count Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana among the many who believe Brett Favre will play for the Vikings next season.

In an interview with, Montana said he believes a decision already has been made.

"He says he's not sure [about playing] because he doesn't want to go to training camp. He's smart," Montana told the website. "I'm sure he already has that agreement with them. Nine chances out of 10 they already know and they've already had this whole conversation and they should just let everybody know because they know he's going to come back.

"He knows he's going to come back, but the reason they don't say anything is because he doesn't want to go through training camp," Montana added. "If he didn't have to go through training camp, his decision would already be made, but he should know by now going to training camp isn't going to be hard. They'd never make it hard on him."
Montana's reasoning makes sense and that scenario certainly worked for Favre and the Vikings last season. Several of Favre's teammates -- including All-Pro defensive tackle Kevin Williams -- said after the season that they don't care if Favre doesn't show up in Mankato. They said they wouldn't mind if he skipped the first two weeks and then joined the team when he returned to Winter Park like last summer.

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